Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shut up already

This is not breaking news people... but Paula Dean did not create a diabolical plan to take over the world with her cooking. Contrary to your beliefs, she is NOT the cause of YOUR diabetes. And unless your part of a group of trainable circus monkeys than you cannot blaim your "choices" on something you saw on tv. If your that stupid than you shouldn't even be watching tv without close supervision. People are bitching, and rightly so, about the governments brilliant plan to tax junk food and pop saying it should be our choice what we CHOOSE to eat and buy then the Hippocrates turn around and point hipocritical fingers and Paula for doing the same. So let me give those people a little common sense advice sense they don't seem to have any common sense of their own... TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS AND CHOICES!!! I cannot stand it when people look to blame everyone else for there boo hoo issues instead of owning it and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.